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Dual Frequency Echosounder

Custom Engineering project - Using the field-proven Tritech PA200 and PA500 Digital Precision Altimeter technology, the dual frequency echosounder benefits from the same full digital synthesis of transmit and receive frequencies, as well as the advanced input dynamic range of the PA Altimeter family.

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The dual frequency echosounder has been designed to provide a single compact unit that can be utilised for shallow water surveys, with fewer third party sensors required to complete a detailed survey. The integrated Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) within the dual frequency echosounder provides the additional information required to support a more detailed seabed survey, with separate serial outputs for the echosounder and AHRS.

The latest Genesis data acquisition and logging software, for use with a wide range of Tritech products, can be used to configure and operate the echosounder as well as access the AHRS calibration process. Genesis can be configured to provide a digital readout for both range to seabed and AHRS readings or a graphical representation of the AHRS with scrolling profile for range to the seabed.

The integrated AHRS allows for pitch & roll data compensation of the echosounder data, while the data is provided in industry standard serial data strings formats which is compatible with survey packages such as the industry recognised Hypack Survey Software. An integral pole mount socket allows for easy installation of the echosounder on any small boat or Autonomous Surface Vessel (ASV).


The calibration frequency guidance document can be found under the technical notices in the Resources page. To go directly to them click on the link "Technical Notices"

Alternatively, the document can be accessed here: Calibration Frequency Guidance

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