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Genesis Software

Genesis is Tritech International’s most recent all-in-one software interface for controlling, displaying and recording data from its portfolio of sensors including multibeam & mechanical sonars, USBL positioning, bathymetric and echosounder devices. It can also be used to record data from cameras, Global Positioning (GPS) devices, motion reference (MRU) sensors and other third party device connections.

It boasts a modern, dynamic user interface with highly integrated features and builds upon decades of experience in providing an easy to use user interface for the wide variety of subsea sensors manufactured by Tritech International Ltd.

Devices can be dynamically added, configured and setup within the Genesis GUI. Genesis is available for Windows OS® only.

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Currently Supported Devices:

  • All Gemini Imager Models
  • Micron/SeaPrince/SeaKing/Hammerhead Sonars
  • MicronNav 100/200 USBL
  • SeaKing Bathy
  • PA Altimeter / MicronEchosounder
  • MicronModem & Battery Modem
  • SCU V5 / SeaHub / NavHub
  • 3rd Party (incl. Compass, GPS, Pressure, Altimeter, Video Capture, Standalone Chart, Google Maps & Vehicles)
Gemini 1200ik aeroplane
What's New

v1.10.0.21 Release Notes

Main Software Additions (since v1.7.4)

  • Hammerhead Survey Sonar device interface and display added. Includes chart rendering of Image snapshots and georeferenced Image Export for creating mosaics in Tritech Image Tiler software.
  • 3D Vehicle display added. Includes Chart / Google Maps overlay option, Chart Marker / Waypoint display, Import of 3D STEP file models and display of a range of pre-loaded Gemini & Other 3D models.
  • Mission features added. Includes Chart Survey Lanes, Fly to Marker/Waypoint & Lane guidance, Port/Starboard steer to next/selected Waypoint indicator on Camera compass bar.
  • Chart has facility to display multiple chart bitmaps on top of Google Maps base layer. Hammerhead (Image Tiler) mosaics can also be imported as a bitmap layer.
  • Double click on a POI on georeferenced Gemini display to lay object marker on Chart.
  • Reduced Size Artificial Horizon Compass widget option. Reduced Size Spirit Level Compass widget.
  • Altimeter GUI display improvements.
  • Genesis Screen Capture to Video file - added MP4 and MPEG-2 file format options.
  • Changes to support Windows 11 and ultra high definition displays.
  • High definition camera input display option added (supports 16:9 aspect ratio).
  • Gemini display filters moved across from original Gemini software (e.g. Averaging, Persistence and Movement filters).
  • Gemini Range Line Saturation filter control added to subdue the ringing effects caused with "bright" targets.
Firmware updates (since v1.7.4)
  • None


Genesis which can be downloaded here.

If you have changed your monitor configuration or moved the Genesis application offscreen, Genesis will open up and you will find it difficult to access.  

To fix this, you you need to delete the Genesis folder within the Windows AppData folder.  This can be found at the location below:


Where XXXXXXX is your local computer ID. 

The Genesis software is under continuous further development to support new products, add new features and new functionality. Although some features and options may be visible on the software interface the functionality may be disabled for certain products and configurations.

Tritech welcomes any suggestions for further functionality or features. These and any software bug reports can be sent to our support team for consideration and / or resolution. You can get in touch with our support team below.

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