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PA200 / PA500 Altimeters

PA200 PA500 altimeter offers high performance depth measurement for ROV, WROV and AUV.

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High performance electronics in a proven compact and robust design for underwater positioning measurements.

Full digital synthesis of transmit and receive frequencies with greatly improved input dynamic range.

This digital precision altimeters offer configurable design with a wide range of options available. OEM configurations include low magnetic signature rigid Delrin™ (Plastic) housings or supplied with a right-angled transducer.

Control of the altimeters may be performed in many ways including:

  • Altimeter direct from a PC running DOS
  • Altimeter direct from a PC running Windows
  • Altimeter direct from a suitable control system
  • Altimeter as part of a multidrop network

In addition, our altimeters are supplied with AltTest diagnostic software.

The 500kHz PA500 Altimeter is supplied with our SeaKing 700 series bathy.


The PA range of Altimeter products available from Tritech come in a wide variety of connector, material and electrical wiring options. As these variations can, at times, be highly specific and individual to a single Altimeter, we utilise the Appendices to tailor the manual for individual customers at point of sale.

Please contact Tritech’s Customer Support Team (on +44 (0) 1224 744 111 (option 2), or with your Altimeter’s full serial number (e.g. S02125.123456) and they will be able to forward you full details of your unit.

The calibration frequency guidance document can be found under the technical notices in the Resources page. To go directly to them click on the link "Technical Notices"

Alternatively, the document can be accessed here: Calibration Frequency Guidance

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