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Multicomm Intelligent Junction Box

The Multicomm intelligent junction box can be linked to a number of Tritech sensors and can then be controlled through one surface control unit SCU.

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Interfacing SeaKing or SeaPrince sensors has been simplified by the Tritech Multicomm Intelligent Junction Box.

The Multicomm can be linked to a number of SeaKing sensors and communication can then be made to the SCU (Surface Control Unit) using RS232 protocol. As well as providing RS232 output, the Multicomm can be set to act as a transparent interface allowing communication using Tritech's ARCNET protocol. This transparent interface also accepts SeaPrince sensors, which provides a simple junction box for system installations where time is critical.

The Multicomm not only interfaces to the full range of SeaKing sensors, the Multicomm can also accept a serial output from a third party sensor such as a gyro. This connects to the Multicomm's Aux Port

The flexibility of the Multicomm junction box provides users with a package that can be interfaced almost anywhere.


This is nearly always an issue with the RS232 ground which is usually missing.  Check for continuity on the copper sections between each end of the cable.

On the small chance it is not, then it is a RS485 device connected to an RS232 port.

This document will help get the basics sorted out - Serial Port Connection and Setup rev 1

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