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Tritech Sonar Featured by Discovery Channel UK!

The Gemini 720is multibeam imaging sonar, designed and manufactured by Tritech International, a Moog Inc company, was featured heavily in a video shared by the Discovery Channel UK in April.

The video shows the installation of the non-invasive shark monitoring system Clever Buoy which is designed to detect the localised activities of sharks and other marine life near public beaches. Clever Buoy uses Tritech multibeam sonars to create a 'virtual net' which detects the movement of self-propelled marine life. Once movement has been detected, the data is analysed by software to determine the size and species of the marine life, and ultimately if it is a threat.

Once the system has detected the movement of a shark, Clever Buoy sends a real-time alert, along with the GPS location of the shark, providing beach authorities with the information to activate emergency response and potentially save lives.

The video details the dramatic installation of the Clever Buoy system and shows the system in action.

Watch it in full here.