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Tritech Sell First Gemini 1200ik to Outland Technology

Tritech have sold the first Gemini 1200ik dual frequency multibeam sonar to Outland Technology for use on their Outland 2500 ROV. The sonar was sold to an existing Outland Technology customer who already had an Outland 2500 with the single frequency Gemini 720ik fitted. The customer was extremely satisfied with the system's performance and requested an additional system of the same specification.

On the morning of the Gemini 1200ik release, Outland's customer received Tritech's newsletter which announced the launch of the dual frequency sonar and requested their new vehicle be equipped with the new sonar. Despite not having seen or tested the new sonar, the customer was confident in Tritech's engineering and customer support and had no hesitation in amending their order for this latest technology.

As the Gemini 1200ik has the same physical envelope as the Gemini 720ikOutland were able to upgrade the sonar on this order without making any changes or adjustments to the vehicle or the way in which the sonar is mounted. 

Sean Mayfield from Outland Technology commented: 'We saw the new product and immediately saw the benefit for our customers' search and recovery operations.  The higher frequency and wide beam angle will help in identification of small targets and allow for a more efficient search.'

He went on to say, ' The ease of use of the Tritech software, small form factor of the “ik” series sonars, and top notch customer service makes Tritech products pair very well with our industrial ROV's.'

The new multibeam imaging sonar was released at DSEI 2019 in London earlier in September. With 120 field of view at high and low frequency, 2.4mm range resolution and effective angular resolution of only 0.12, the Gemini 1200ik offers market leading technology reinforcing the superior performance offered by the Tritech Gemini sonars.

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