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Tritech Launch Diver Mounted Display (DMD)

Tritech International Ltd are excited to announce the official launch of the Diver Mounted Display (DMD) system. The system was originally developed as a prototype (the HMD) and has been developed into a full product, incorporating user feedback and advancements in design.

The DMD comprises of topside and diver mounted components. On the diver there is a slimline monocle that can be flipped up and down in the water which is mounted on the diver's mask or helmet, an above eye-level multibeam sonar, and a subsea computer which processes the signal from the sonar and is clipped onto the diver's belt.

A custom made cable then allows for the sonar signal and diver comms to be sent to the topside dive team who operate the DMD Surface Control Unit (DMD SCU). The DMD SCU allows the dive team to control and monitor the same sonar signal the diver is able to see through their monocle as well as send messages and directions down to the diver, up to 100m away.

The system is compatible with Tritech's Gemini 1200ik dual frequency multibeam sonar, the Gemini 720ik and the smaller Micron Gemini. The data from the multibeam sonar allows the diver to see in zero visibility water for up to 120m (depending on the sonar selected).

The system is available in two configurations: the tethered system (DMD-T) boasts hands-free technology for the diver and the untethered system (DMD-U) which is available for pre-order and offers an autonomous experience to the diver.

The system was first developed for the Search and Recovery industry but is set to be used throughout commercial and military diving operations. The system comes ready-to-use and can be deployed quickly and without extensive training. 

More information is available here.