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Tritech International Completes Fish Detection Trial with Forth Rivers Trust

Tritech's Gemini 720ik multibeam imaging sonar and SeaTec software were deployed in the River Teith, in Stirling, Scotland for the trial.

Most current fish counting technology conventionally relies on fish being funnelled into a channel or area so that they can be counted. This creates restrictions as to where fish counting can be conducted. Tritech's non-invasive system can be deployed slow moving sections of waterways to detect, track and monitor any aquatic activity - autonomously. During the 2 day trial period that the system was in operation, 6 fish were recorded swimming upstream with an approximate length of 80cm and an otter, 1.2m in length was also recorded.

The system works by the sonar emitting a sound pulse through the water; the returning signal is then processed, utilising specially developed algorithms by the SeaTec software. The resulting data is displayed in real time via an easy to interpret graphic interface. The system also records the data so that it can be reviewed at any time. This ground breaking technology has the capability to be deployed in a broad range of areas without the need for obstructions such as weirs or fish passes. 

Jonathan Louis, Operations & Development Manager from the Forth Rivers Trust commented "It's always great trialling new technology which can help monitor the health of our rivers in and around the Forth. Technology like Tritech's Gemini sonar counter can support us in our efforts to monitor adult fish populations which has mostly relied on catch returns from anglers, or a counter on a fish pass. This technology opens up the possibilities for monitoring fish populations in a wider range of locations and won't rely on pinch points such as weirs in rivers to funnel the fish through."

The trial was carried out in the River Teith with the kind permission of Blair Drummond Estate and the support of the Forth District Salmon Fishery Board.

See some of the footage here