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Tritech Announces Updated USBL Tracking System

Aberdeen, Scotland, October 21, 2021 — Tritech International Limited has announced the release of the new MicronNav 200 UltraShort Base Line (USBL) system. The MicronNav 200 is the latest generation of USBL tracking systems from Tritech and is designed for small underwater vehicles and diver supporting applications.

The updated system benefits from a number of new features including data transfer interleaved with USBL positioning, software integration into Google MapsTM, improved magnetic compass accuracy by one degree (1) and compatibility with the new Micron Battery Modem.

The system comprises a subsea Micron Modem or Micron Battery Modem, a surface USBL transducer with integral magnetic compass and pitch/roll sensors, a surface MicronNav 200 interface hub and bespoke operating software that can be controlled by a topside PC computer or laptop.

The MicronNav 200 uses spread spectrum acoustic technology which provides a robust method for communication between the dunking transducers and the vehicle Modem. The USBL transducer can provide 180-degree hemispherical coverage below the transducer, allowing vehicle tracking in very shallow water. Omni-directional coverage is provided by the Micron Modem and Micron Battery Modem.

David Bradley, Managing Director at Tritech, commented:

“At Tritech, we continue to improve the products we supply to the market, and the MicronNav 200 is part of that plan. The product provides more accuracy in terms of navigation, based on USBL techniques and the design provides a much more robust solution for our customers.”

Paul McMaster, a Principal Engineer responsible for the MicronNav 200 project at Tritech, explained:

“MicronNav 200 builds on the proven MicronNav 100 system with improvements throughout. We've spent many days putting the system through its paces out on the lake, and each time, we came back to the factory and made something a little bit better. The end result is a system which is easier to use and offers useful new features like Google MapsTM integration and the ability to seamlessly interleave data transfer with USBL positioning.”

Both the USBL transducer and the Micron Modem/Battery Modem can be commanded to switch from positioning mode to data transfer mode, allowing the same hardware to be used to establish an underwater acoustic communications link.

The MicronNav 200 also offers a new look and more robust casing for the MicronNav 200 hub as well as a smaller, more accurate USBL head that is easy to calibrate and deploy.

More information on the new MicronNav 200 can be found here.