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Target Tracking Marine Life using Sonar Technology – White Paper Published

The authoritative report, presented by Tritech's senior software engineer, Dr Pauline Jepp, at the European Wave and Energy Conference, details the effectiveness of the SeaTec software in providing real time detection, tracking and visualisation of mammals and fish around tidal turbines.

The specialist software interfaces seamlessly with Tritech's high-frequency sonar technology and is particularly useful in aggressive environments where both automatic monitoring is required and/or detailed post-hoc analysis will be performed. The software provides a reliable and cost effective solution in situations where round-the-clock, real-time environmental monitoring is required to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Development and testing of the software was undertaken in conjunction with SMRU, The Sea Mammal Research Unit in St Andrews who are world-leaders in the field of marine ecology research.

Dr Jepp commented, “Being able to provide such detailed information through sonar technology has opened up the possibility of applying target tracking in other applications. Sea Tec's proven target tracks and size estimates have already been accepted by professionals in the field, so this offers exciting opportunities of extending the technology into other applications within the marine environmental monitoring and other related industries”.

Tritech International Limited [Tritech], a Moog Inc. Company (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B), is a high-technology business dedicated to providing the most reliable imaging and ancillary equipment for use in underwater applications.

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