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Rental Technology & Services expands its rental pool of equipment with the addition of eight Tritech Gemini 720is Sonars.

Original press release from RTS can be viewed here.

RTS – Rental Technology & Services, a leading provider of rental equipment for the subsea industry, further bolsters their rental portfolio with the addition of eight Tritech Gemini 720is Sonars. These additions meet the growing demand for high resolution obstacle avoidance and sonar imaging in deepwater environments of up to 4000m.

The Tritech Gemini 720is Sonar incorporates innovative technology and features that enable precise imaging and detection of underwater objects and structures. It utilises an advanced multibeam sonar system which emits multiple sonar beams simultaneously to provide a wide coverage area and detailed acoustic images of the underwater environment.

“It’s a delight to continue investing in cutting-edge subsea systems that provide confidence to projects. The sonar’s exceptional imaging capability, reliability, and robustness add value to our customers projects, enabling them to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions as they navigate subsea. We remain eager to support all of the evolving needs of our customers and believe that the Tritech Gemini 720is will continue to allow us to do so.”

– Andrew Logan, Sales Manager, RTS UK.

“We are thrilled that RTS Ltd have invested in the Tritech Gemini 720is to support the ongoing demand from the subsea industry. This substantial order demonstrates RTS Ltd.’s commitment to Tritech’s proven technology, and we are pleased to continue our working relationship.”

– Allan Donaldson, Senior Sales Engineer, Tritech International Limited.

The Tritech Gemini offers real-time capabilities, allowing operators to visualise the underwater scene with exceptional clarity. Additionally, its advanced signal processing algorithms enhance image quality, reduce noise, and ensure accurate and reliable data interpretation.

Photo: Andrew Logan, RTS, and Allan Donaldson, Tritech International Limited.