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Police Divers Make Interesting Find Using Tritech Sonar

Maryland State Police Dive Team recently contacted Tritech International for urgent assistance to help locate an unspecified target in near zero visibility water.

An item was seen to be thrown from a bridge but due to poor underwater visibility, it was clear it would be extremely hard to visually locate this underwater target.

Following a survey of the area, the target was located using a Tritech Side Scan Sonar however, despite having the location of the target the divers were unable to recover the target due to the poor visibility.

Assisted by Tritech International staff, the Police dive team used the Tritech Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) integrated with a Tritech Multibeam sonar, allowing the diver to see a real-time, high definition image of targets in the water and helps ensure their safety as well as enabling them to locate items quickly. The Helmet Mounted Display sits at eye level with the diver and  integrates with a Gemini 720ik sonar, allowing them to see the following picture:


By using the sonar, the dive team were able to identify the discarded item as a mid-sized safe and it was quickly recovered.

Tritech are proud to work with the brave men and women of the Maryland State Police Dive team and we are excited to see our custom built sonars being used in Search and Recovery missions across the world.

You can find more information on the Helmet Mounted Diver Display and other custom engineering projects here.