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Outland Sells ROV With Multiple Tritech Sensors to Survey Company

Louisiana, USA March 2022 — An ROV equipped with multiple Tritech sensors has been sold by Outland Technology to the geographic survey company Emas Energy Services (Thailand) Ltd.

The Outland 2500 ROV was equipped with the following Tritech sensors:

-        Gemini 1200ik: a dual frequency multibeam imaging sonar giving video-like, real time imaging, ideal for structural and seabed inspections. The Gemini 1200ik was released in 2019 and has quickly become an industry favourite for those looking for high resolution images which is also robust and rugged enough to withstand tough subsea environments. 

-        Micron Sonar: a small mechanical scanning sonar which gives a 360 view of the seabed. This sonar is ideal for gaining situational awareness and obstacle avoidance. Its small body means it is easy to integrate into small ROV systems and is extremely light weight.

-        Sub Bottom Profiler: a survey sensor which allows the user to obtain a view of what lies beneath the seabed. This sensor is popular with geographical survey companies as it offers powerful information but is small and lightweight enough to be integrated into small ROVs and AUVs.

-        MicronNav 100: a USBL tracking system which is designed for small and micro vehicles in shallow water. The MicronNav 100 was recently upgraded to the MicronNav 200 with additional features.

-        SeaKing 675 kHz DST ROV Sidescan Sonar: a compact and affordable sidescan sonar system designed for ROVs and AUVs. This system is ideal for seabed survey and inspection duties.

-        2 x SeaKing Profiler DFP: dual frequency, mechanically scanning profiling sonars which offer high resolution and 80m range.

About the sale, Managing Director, David Bradley said:

'We are delighted to have worked with Outland Technology to support them in putting together a uniquely flexible ROV solution to their customer's Geographic survey requirements. The ROV is able to employ many of the Tritech suite of Sonars and Navigation tools that allows Outland to provide this service. Our relationship with Outland continues to grow and this type of solution helps us to learn more of the applications of the ROVs which in turn helps to provide better sensors. It sounds like a cliché but it is win-win.'

The Outland 2500 is rated to 300m (1000ft) and utilises brushless DC, magnetically coupled thrusters. On the integration of the multiple Tritech sensors, Sean Mayfield of Outland Technology said:

'EMAS Energy Services (Thailand) Ltd. has returned to Outland Technology for another ROV purchase with a long list of sensors needed for an upcoming geographic survey and support project.  They needed a small, robust ROV that was capable of deploying various sensors and to be able to change them quickly and easily.  The Outland ROV-2500, along with the variety of quality products offered by Tritech, allowed us to develop skid packages that are pre-wired and pre-ballasted to quickly attach to the underside of the ROV-2500.  Data from the sensors are easily communicated to the surface through Outland Technology's standard communication network and interpreted by Tritech software packages.  The ability to deploy a two-function manipulator, Scanning Sonar, Multibeam forward facing sonar, USBL Navigation, Side Scan sonar, Dual Profiling sonars and Sub bottom profilers all from a small ROV is not common and is a testament to skills and excellent relationship between the engineers at Outland and Tritech.'

EMAS Energy Services (Thailand) Ltd. are a geological survey company who provide well intervention to the oil and gas sector. The technology will be used to carry out marine surveys. More information on EMAS Energy Services (Thailand) Ltd can be found here.

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