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Improve your bathymetric study with Gemini 620pd

Gemini 620pd - For High-Resolution Survey Data

The Gemini 620pd is a multibeam profiling sonar which applies Tritech's proven Gemini technology to a profiling application.

The Gemini 620pd benefits from the latest technological advances in signal processing and it these advances which allow the sonar to produce high performance bathymetry data, which is in turn output to industry recognised survey packages such as EIVA, Quinsy and Hypack for data processing.

Gemini 620pd Software Screen

Gemini 620pd Software Screen

Gemini 620pd Post Processed in Hypack

Data from Gemini 620pd as Post Processed in Hypack

In addition, data from Gemini 620pd can be output to the Gemini Hub for accurate timestamping.