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Delaware Police Department Receive DMD-T and 5 Day Training Program

Tritech International Ltd has delivered another Diver Mounted Display Tethered system ahead of a 5-Day training program delivered by Trident Training Solutions.

The system will be used by the search and recovery divers in their evidence recovery operations when water visibility is low. The system allows divers to locate targets from up to 120m away and helps them navigate safely towards the target whilst avoiding obstacles.

The system was delivered with a Gemini 1200ik dual frequency multibeam imaging sonar which can also be disconnected from the DMD-T system and used as a pole mounted or ROV mounted sonar. This allows the team to utilise the sonar in more than one application giving them greater flexibility and value for money.

The tailor made, 5-day training program for the Diver Mounted Display Tethered system was delivered by Trident Training Solutions and involved a mix of classroom activities and supervised dives.

For more information on the Diver Mounted Display, click here.