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Bluestream Buy Into Tritech's Gemini Sonar Technology

The investment by Bluestream in Tritech International's Gemini sonars, comes after a hire period which commenced in the summer of 2017. The sonars were deployed to carry out multiple inspections by Bluestream, whose range of specialist services also include the provision of subsea inspection, repair and maintenance solutions. Bluestream committed to two models of Gemini sonar – the 1000m depth rated Gemini 720is and the 350m Gemini 720ik, both of which utilise true-time delay beam forming ensuring a clear and crisp image across the full 120 beamwidth.

Mike Broadbent, Sales Manager for Tritech commented, “Tritech sonars have a proven reputation for delivering performance and reliability in sonar imaging. This is critical for any company operating in the cost-conscious environment of the energy industry and makes Tritech sonar technology the first choice option when looking at subsea imaging solutions.”

Bluestream is a professional offshore and subsea company operating in the Oil, Gas & Offshore Renewable Industry, providing a wide range of topside and subsea services. With an ever-expanding fleet over 20 vehicles of various sizes, from observation and inspection class up to (light) work class vehicles, Bluestream provides a tailor-made solution for every specific project, covering the complete range from inspection scopes to construction and installation support.

Commented Frank Groot, Bluestream's Senior Technical Advisor, “The use of multibeam sonars is standard on most of our vehicles. The Gemini range of sonars has proven to be a reliable instrument during our operations”.