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Ashtead Technology Add 10 Gemini 720is to Rental Pool

Tritech International Limited has received an order for 10 Gemini 720is 4000m rated multibeam sonars from integrated subsea technology and services provider Ashtead Technology

These reliable, high-quality multibeam imaging sonars will be added to Ashtead Technology's rental stock and will help meet the growing demand for acoustic sensors in the subsea industry.

 Due to Tritech's ability to deliver sensors quickly, Tritech have delivered two of the sonars last week with the other eight are planned for delivery later in March.

 The Gemini 720is provides real-time, video-like sonar data and can be used at depths of up to 4000m. The multibeam sonar is ideal for target recognition, obstacle avoidance and navigation and is often used with ROVs and WROVs within the subsea industry.

For more information on the Gemini 720is and Tritech's range of multibeam imaging sonars, click here.