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SeaTec Software

SeaTec Software for Marine Life and Mammal Tracking

Helping to identify and track marine life and objects in open water environments, around tidal turbines and other subsea structures.

With this software, marine life can be classified based size, shape and behaviour to deliver a complete view of the marine environment below. Furthermore, the algorithms defined to classify the targets can be set to user-specified requirements, making this a complete package for environmental assessment and asset protection.

SeaTec Software for Pipelay

Our Pipelay monitoring software interfaces with Gemini multibeam sonar technology to provide an automated system capable of alerting operators of the pipe’s position during the installation.

As well as providing the conventional sonar image, the SeaTec software also displays an abstracted representation of the pipe within the user defined environment; removing the need for the user to interpret the sonar data.

With this software, the operator can view the pipe’s position, related histograms and status information; in real-time.

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