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Seanet Utilities

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Seanet DumpLog Software

Seanet DumpLog converts log files captured using Tritech Seanet Pro software from the proprietary V4LOG format to other industry standard formats like XTF and SEG-Y. A list of Tritech devices and file formats supported by Seanet Dumplog are listed below.

File Import Formats:

  • Tritech .V4Log

File Export Formats:

  • .XTF (SeaKing Sidescan & Sub-Bottom Profiler)
  • .SEGY (SeaKing Sub-Bottom Profiler)
  • Geo .TIF (SeaKing Sidescan & Sub-Bottom Profiler + GPS)
  • .XYZ (Mechanical Profiler)
  • .KMZ (SeaKing Sidescan + GPS)
  • .CSV (All SeaKing Sensors & MicronNav)
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Seanet LogScheduler Software

Seanet LogScheduler is an optional program that can be installed on a Seanet SCU or PC running Tritech Seanet Pro software to provide a method of scheduling Seanet Pro data logging.

Seanet LogScheduler provides options to log only on specific days of the week and at preset times. Alternatively, a schedule can be started immediately by the click of a button and can also be set to start on startup of the SCU / PC.

The LogScheduler program sends ‘Log’ commands to the main Seanet Pro software (installed on same SCU / PC) to Start and Stop log file recording. A scheduled Task can be configured to start and stop data logging at preset intervals. The Task includes settings parameters such as Log Start and Log Stop times, Logging Intervals and Durations.

Sonar tiler example

Sonar Image Tiler Software

The Tritech Sonar Image Tiler is designed to allow sonar images to be stitched together into a single larger image or mosaic. This allows mapping or surveying work to build up a complete picture of the seafloor in important areas such as harbour floors, wreck sites or around underwater structures such as bridge and platform supports.

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