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Seanet Pro

Seanet Pro Main Screen Example

Seanet Pro Software

Seanet Pro comes from a line of similar survey packages from Tritech International Ltd and follows on from previous WINSON and SONV3 surface display applications.

Much of the functionality of these earlier packages has been built into Seanet Pro, along with increased functionality and an enhanced user interface.

Seanet Pro Main Screen Example 2

Supported Devices:

  • Hammerhead Survey Sonar
  • Sub Bottom Profiler
  • SeaKing Sidescan Sonar
  • SeaKing/SeaPrince Profiler
  • Micron/SeaPrince/SeaKing Sonar
  • Gemini 720is/720ik
  • MicronNav 100/200 USBL
  • SeaKing Bathy
  • PA Altimeter/MicronEchosounder
  • MicronModem
  • 3rd Party (incl. Compass, GPS, Altimeter, Video Capture)


On new systems, Seanet Pro, the Tritech software that runs on the SCU, is looking at Com Port 1 for sensor information. If it doesn’t find any it reports the TMO error that you are seeing. If you do have a Tritech unit connected to that port which isn’t working, please contact our Customer Support Team (on +44 (0) 1224 744 111 (option 2), or

If you do not have a Tritech unit connected to that port you can either ignore the error or disable the Com Port in the Seanet Pro software by doing the following:

  • Go to the Utilities drop down menu and select Com Setup
  • For the AIF device that has Com Port 1 selected, ensure that the Enable box is unchecked
  • Close the Com Setup window

Product Repair and Service

If you are unable to find a solution here, please email the Product Service Team at: or call us on +44 (0) 1224 744 111 (option 1) where we would be delighted to assist you.

This is nearly always an issue with the RS232 ground which is usually missing.  Check for continuity on the copper sections between each end of the cable.

On the small chance it is not, then it is a RS485 device connected to an RS232 port.

This document will help get the basics sorted out - Serial Port Connection and Setup rev 1

If you have a computer running Windows, desktop or Laptop, then you should download the version "for PC/Laptop"

If you have a Hammerhead then you will need to use the "For Hammerhead" download.  Note this is for a PC/Laptop too.

The SCU versions are ONLY for Tritech SCU units. These will not work on the Windows versions that run on every day Personal Computers or Laptops.  

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