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Software Development Kits

For professional programmers integrating Tritech products into their own application
Latest SDK Versions

Genesis Windows - v2.0.38.1

Genesis Linux - v2.0.38.0

Tritech International provides Software Development Kits (SDK) for Genesis and Seanet Pro.

The SDKs are available by contacting with the following information.

  • Tritech Equipment being used.
  • Operating System with version number.
  • Hardware Architecture (for Ubuntu Linux).

This will allow us to send the correct SDK for your application.

It is assumed that persons undertaking the SDK have a reasonable level of programming expertise and are familiar with the basic concepts of the Microsoft Windows operating systems, device drivers, numerical data types (bytes, integers, floating-point numbers, Boolean logic etc), and the principles of the USB bus.

It is also assumed that the user has a good and basic grasp of the principles of acoustics theory and Sonar operation.

The contents of the SDK packs are provided on an “as is” basis and only minimal support can be offered by Technical Support when integrating with your application.

Genesis SDK

Genesis SDK

There are two main interfaces available within the SDK, GeminiComms and Svs5Seq:

GeminiComms gives detailed access to the sonar interface and the resulting data output.

Svs5Seq gives a simplified and easier interface to the Gemini sonars.

The Svs5Seq is a wrapper library on top of the GeminiComms library which provides a simple and basic interface for clients to implement. Svs5Seq is the recommended library to be used by all clients.

Available in 32 & 64-bit

Currently Supported Devices, Operating Systems and Architecture:

  • All Gemini Imager models
  • Windows
  • Linux (Ubuntu) 18.04, 20.04
  • Architecture:
    • x86
    • Arm-aarch64
    • Raspberry Pi (32bit)

The Genesis SDK is currently only for the Gemini Imaging Sonars

Seaking SDK

Seaking SDK

This is provided as a serial control protocol document. This makes it independent of operating system.

This does not work with Arcnet heads.

Currently Supported Devices:

  • Micron/SeaPrince/SeaKing Sonar
  • SeaKing Bathy
  • Seaking Sub-Bottom Profiler
  • Seaking Profiler
  • Seaking Sidescan


Currently there is not a Software Development Kit for the MicronNav System in either the Genesis or Seanet SDK.

Having the hardware is the ideal place to start.  Without this you have to rely 100% on the documentation. 

Without the hardware you will have to copy the data as it is in the documentation and work from there.

With the hardware I would recommend running the head in Seanet Pro and snooping both the Tx and Rx line to see the data being sent between the sonar and the computer.  This will allow to see the hex data and which fields are changed when you change the settings in Seanet.  This will help you to make sense of the headers and nomenclature.

If you have changed your monitor configuration or moved the Genesis application offscreen, Genesis will open up and you will find it difficult to access.  

To fix this, you you need to delete the Genesis folder within the Windows AppData folder.  This can be found at the location below:


Where XXXXXXX is your local computer ID. 

Genesis which can be downloaded here.

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