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AltTest Software

Tritech International's AltTest software provides a simple way of communicating with Tritech altimeters and displaying the data. It is compatible with all Tritech PA / ST / Bathy altimeters running in various configurations.

The Tritech AltTest software displays real-time current and average altimeter altitudes. The average altitude is calculated using a user specified number of data samples and all altimeter data is plotted on a display chart.

Supported Devices:

  • PA 200/500 Altimeter
  • MicronEchosounder
  • Bathy Altimeter
  • Addressable PA Altimeter

Available downloads


The PA range of Altimeter products available from Tritech come in a wide variety of connector, material and electrical wiring options. As these variations can, at times, be highly specific and individual to a single Altimeter, we utilise the Appendices to tailor the manual for individual customers at point of sale.

Please contact Tritech’s Customer Support Team (on +44 (0) 1224 744 111 (option 2), or with your Altimeter’s full serial number (e.g. S02125.123456) and they will be able to forward you full details of your unit.

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