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Profiling Sonars

Super SeaKing Profiler

The Super SeaKing DFP dual frequency profiling sonar uses the latest technological advances available in transducer design.

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Using composite transducer technology this mechanical scanning profiler offers substantially increased ranges and image resolution.

Utilising side lobe suppression techniques, improved S/N ratios and a reduced beam width the Super SeaKing DFP Profiling Sonar provides high quality profile data never before available from a mechanical scanning profiler.

Operating at 0.6MHz and 1.1MHz this new profiler has been designed with a hard boot, which offers increased protection over conventional profilers.

As part of Tritech’s SeaKing range of sensors it is possible to run the Super SeaKing DFP Profiling Sonar with other SeaKing sensors over one communication link. All products in the SeaKing family (or third-party products within the ARCNET communications link), can be run simultaneously, using the same processor and display; such as the Surface Control Unit (SCU) or a customer supplied PC or laptop.


This is nearly always an issue with the RS232 ground which is usually missing.  Check for continuity on the copper sections between each end of the cable.

On the small chance it is not, then it is a RS485 device connected to an RS232 port.

This document will help get the basics sorted out - Serial Port Connection and Setup rev 1

The calibration frequency guidance document can be found under the technical notices in the Resources page. To go directly to them click on the link "Technical Notices"

Alternatively, the document can be accessed here: Calibration Frequency Guidance

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