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Gemini Sonar Interface Units

The Gemini multibeam imaging sonar interface unit is available with Ethernet or VDSL communication protocols.

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The Gemini multibeam imaging sonar is available with Ethernet or VDSL communication protocols. To support these protocols, Tritech has a range of optional interface units for topside connection of the Gemini sonar.

The Gemini Sonar Interface Units offer a number of benefits including simplifying the installation of the sonar. The interface supplied is complete with AC to DC power adaptors, a deck/test cable and connector tails for system installation.

The basic VDSL and Ethernet interface units are for use on an installation which can directly supply the DC power required to operate the Gemini sonar (this is a typical ROV installation, where power is supplied from the ROV). This basic interface can also be used to bench test Gemini sonar using the short length of test cable, and the AC to DC power adaptor.

The 72VDC VDSL interface is for use where there is a requirement for the Gemini to be powered remotely and not from a power source local to the sonar. This allows the Gemini to be operated over an extended stand-alone interconnect cable encompassing power as well as VDSL communications.

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