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Underwater Vehicles

Some details about how our products are used with ROVs & AUVs.

For many years, vehicle manufactures have integrated our sensors into their underwater vehicles to aid their users in target location, identification, inspection and navigation when water visibility is poor. At Tritech we pride ourselves in supporting with these integrations in every way possible to ensure the end users has a positive and smooth experience with their new ROV or AUV.

We have a range of sensors suitable for different vehicle sizes and applications with some of our most popular products for vehicle integration listed below:

Micron Gemini

Launched in 2022, the Micron Gemini is the latest development in our suite of sonars. This sonar is extremely small and lightweight, easy to integrate and with limited impact on vehicle payload whilst still producing an image which is real-time, clear and ideal for navigation. The Micron Gemini is also cost effective and acts as an ideal step up from small mechanical scanning sonars such as the Micron Sonar.

The Micron Gemini has become extremely popular with inspection class ROV users as well as micro and mini ROVs. Part of this success is due to the sonar including a built in pressure sensor meaning along side the sonar image, users can receive depth, pressure and temperature readings, as well as an optional attitude heading reference system (AHRS).

The Micron Gemini offers a 90° horizontal field of view and 50m range as well as 128 beams and an effective angular resolution of 0.7°. This makes it extremely popular with vehicle manufacturers across the globe.

Gemini 720ik & 1200ik

The Gemini 720ik is a long established multibeam imaging sonar which has been heavily integrated across the globe by numerous vehicle integrators due to its video-like imagery and ease of installation. Whether the sonar is used for target identification, location or navigation, it has remained highly popular over the past decade.

In 2019, we launched the Gemini 1200ik: a dual frequency version of the Gemini 720ik. This sonar has become extremely popular as the low frequency enables users to locate and navigate toward targets, while the high frequency enables close inspection with high-definition, video-like imagery returned. The Gemini 1200ik will soon be available with AHRS, reducing the requirement for additional sensors and payload on ROVs and AUVs.

Gemini 720is

Seen as the industry standard for Workclass ROVS (WROV), the Gemini 720is has been integrated into many inspection class ROVs and AUVs. This single frequency, multibeam imaging sonar was designed with ROV and WROV mounting in mind and offers various housings and depth ratings, depending on the application and the level of protection needed for the sonar.

With a 120 degree field of view (10 degree tilt) and a fast update rate of 30Hz, the Gemini 720is sonar is ideal for poor visibility environments. Gemini 720is features a 720 kHz operating frequency and an integrated sound velocity sensor to assist in providing the sharpest image possible, with accurate ranging. Designed for ease of install onto a variety of ROVs, AUVs the Gemini 720is operates through Ethernet or VDSL communications.

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