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Multibeam Sonars


The MicronGemini is the latest addition to Tritech’s products families and offers powerful, real-time sonar imaging in the body of a Gemini 720im. With greatly improved image quality, a 90 horizontal field of view and 50m range, the MicronGemini offers cost effective obstacle avoidance and navigation for small ROVs and AUVs.

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With Tritech’s advanced processing electronics, the MicronGemini operates at 720kHz, to produce images of outstanding clarity. The system benefits from 128 beams and an effective angular resolution of 0.7.

The MicronGemini comes with a built in pressure sensor which provides a depth reading, as well as optional AHRS.

The MicronGemini has incredibly compact dimensions and is ideally suited for micro ROV/AUV applications when real-time, video-like imagery is required, and where space is restricted or weight is critical, such as diver helmet and pole mounted applications for Search and Recovery (SAR) operations.


Yes! The MicronGemini has been integrated with the Diver Mounted Display.

The calibration frequency guidance document can be found under the technical notices in the Resources page. To go directly to them click on the link "Technical Notices"

Alternatively, the document can be accessed here: Calibration Frequency Guidance

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