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Some information about how our products are used in Energy.

We supply a range of professional underwater markets with our robust, reliable sensors. Our expertise has grown from years of service to the Oil & Gas market. We pride ourselves in supplying the industry standard sensors for use on inspection class and work-class ROVs within the energy sector.

While we gained expertise within the Oil and Gas market, we have evolved with the industry and now work extensively within the Renewables sector where our high-technology sensors offer users vital solutions to their operations.

Some of our most popular products within the Energy sector include:

Gemini 720is

Seen as the industry standard for Workclass ROVS (WROV), the Gemini 720is has served the Energy market for a number of years and remains extremely popular. This single frequency, multibeam imaging sonar was designed with ROV and WROV mounting in mind and offers various housings and depth ratings, depending on the application and the level of protection needed for the sonar.

With a 120 degree field of view (10 degree tilt) and a fast update rate of 30Hz, the Gemini 720is sonar is ideal for poor visibility environments. The Gemini 720is features a 720 kHz operating frequency and an integrated sound velocity sensor to assist in providing the sharpest image possible, with accurate ranging. Designed for ease of installation onto a variety of ROVs, AUVs and other underwater platforms, the Gemini 720is operates through Ethernet or VDSL communications. The sonar's compact size means that it can also be deployed using a pole-mount assembly (customer supplied).

Super SeaKing DST

The Super SeaKing DST has stood the test of time and remains the industry standard mechanical scanning sonar for the Energy market. The sonar is easily mounted on ROVs, AUVs and WROVs as well as being extremely robust and reliable. The Super SeaKing sonar is of modular transducer design and a longer-life slip ring assembly to the sonar to minimise the consequences of operational damage and improves on the SeaKing sonar’s reliability.

With depth rating options ranging from 4000m to 6800m and housings including aluminium and titanium, there are few applications within the Energy sector which are not served by the Super SeaKing DST.

Gemini NBI

Heavily utilised with wind farm seabed surveys, as well as pipe and cable laying operations, the Gemini NBI (Narrow Beam Imaging) produces an acoustic image, which cuts through the water with a narrow acoustic beam whilst maintaining the high refresh rate users can expect from the Gemini range of multibeam sonars. This reduced beam width allows the user to more precisely identify the position of the acoustic targets than is possible with a wide beam imaging sonar.

Gemini 620pd

Popular within pipeline/ trench surveying, and dredging/ rock-dump surveys, our high resolution echo sounder, the Gemini 620pd, benefits from advanced signal processing which allows it to produce high-performance bathymetry data. This bathymetry data is, in turn, output to industry recognised survey packages for processing including; EIVA, Hypack and QINSy.

Our products are regularly integrated by vehicle manufacturers and technology companies across multiple industries and Energy is no exception.

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